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The plans of SIA (scientific investigation activity)

In 2018 within the frames of the government task the scientific investigation activity was carried out on 2 themes and 1 Program of Presidium of RAS.  The results of the carried out work were approved by the scientific council of ITEB RAS in 2 final reports. (Protocol №7 dated of 20.12.2018).

In 2019 the institute investigations are being carried out within the frames of the government task on 5 themes:

Themes to the plan 2019-2021

61. The fields of fundamental investigations “Biophysics, radiobiology, mathematical models in biology, bioinformatics”.

Theme 02. “Investigation of stability of  biosystems on different hierarchy levels which is being disturbed by the influence of physical and chemical factors and by the aging of  biosystems as well.

The investigations are based on the development of new methods and directed on the practical tasks solution:

  • controlling of complicated multiparametric biosystems and predicting of their behavior to ensure biosafety;

  • variation of characteristic times of transient processes in both sides of their increasing and decreasing, for the interests of  biomedicine and agriculture;

  • Determination of influence possibilities of new nanorobototechnics generations, being created on the base of organic and inorganic materials, on cognitive processes of higher animals and a human being”.

         Scientific supervisors – corr. mem. RAS G.R. Ivanitsky,      Dr., Prof.  A.B. Medvinsky.

 62. The field of fundamental investigations “Biotechnology”.

Theme 03. “On the base of fundamental investigations results to create new technologies, products and diagnostics methods for the development provision in the fields of environmental biosafety, improvement of life quality, nanorobototechnics of  new generations,  biomedicine and biotechnology”.

Scientific supervisor – Dr., Prof. A.G. Pogorelov.

59. The field of fundamental investigations “Molecular mechanisms of cellular differentiation, immunity and oncogenesis”.

 Theme 05. “Physico-chemical bases of biomedicine”.

Scientific supervisors – Dr., Prof. V.S. Akatov, Dr. Ju.N. Korystov

63. The field of fundamental investigations “Study of the role of integrative processes in the central neurosystem on realization of higher forms of brain activity (consciousness, behavior, memory), finding out of mechanisms for functioning of sensory and moving systems”.

Theme 04. “Biophysical bases of bioenergetics and neurobiology”

Scientific supervisors – Dr., Prof. E.I. Maevsky, Dr. V.I. Arkhipov

60. The field of fundamental investigations “Cell biology, theoretical bases of cell technologies” on the Program of Presidium of RAS for the period of 2013-2020.

Theme 19. “Investigation of reaction mechanisms of biological systems from molecular till organismic levels on the influences of different origin (biological, chemical and mechanical ones as well as ionizing and non-ionizing radiations). The use of the results of fundamental developments in biology, medicine and nanobiotechnologies.”

Scientific supervisors – Dr., R.S. Fadeev, Dr. I.I. Selezneva