Federal state budget institution of science
Russian Academy of Sciences

Beletsky Igor Petrovich
Beletsky Igor Petrovich
d.b.s., prof.
Ivanitsky Genrikh Romanovich
Deputy Chairman
Ivanitsky Genrikh Romanovich
Corresponding member of RAS
Perevyasova Tatyana Anatolievna
Secretary of the scientific council
Perevyasova Tatyana Anatolievna
(4967) 73-92-20

The tasks of the scientific council sections

(To) entrust the scientific staff of the sections with the following:

  •          Coordination provision of planning and reporting of the scientific investigations on the institute main scientific fields by means of their discussion in the section meeting.

  •          Arranging of seminars on scientific problematics and holding of reported scientific conferences on the section thematics.

  •          Preliminary selection of reports for the general institute conference.

  •          Approbation of candidate and doctor dissertations.

  •          Appointment of opponents, discussion and recommendation for the publishing of the scientific workers monographs with the following approval by the scientific council.

  •          Expertise of proposals and developments, incoming from outer organizations.

  •          Discussion and preparation of the joint interlaboratories scientific projects.

  •          Sections meetings are to be held not rarer than once a month. 

Members of the Council

  • Akatov Vladimir Semionovich, d.ph.-m.s., prof.        

  • Aliev Rubin Renatovich, d.ph.-m.s.

  • Arkhipov Vladimir Ivanovich, d.b.s.

  • Budantsev Arkady Justianovich, d.b.s.

  • Vikhljantsev Ivan Milentjevich, d.b.s.

  • Ermakov Artem Mikhajlovich, c.b.s.

  • Kichigina Valentina Fedorovna, d.b.s.

  • Korystov Jury Nikolaevich, d.b.s.

  • Kosenko Elena Alexandrovna, d.b.s.

  • Kruglov Alexey Georgievich, c.b.s.

  • Kutyshenko Viktor Pavlovich, d.ph.-m.s., prof.

  • Levin Sergey Gennadievich, c.b.s.

  • Maevsky Eugeny Iljich, d.m.s., prof.

  • Medvinsky Alexander Bereljevich, d.ph.-m.s. prof.

  • Mironova Galina Dmitrievna, d.b.s., prof.

  • Pogorelov Alexander Grigorjevich, d.b.s., prof.

  • Polozov Robert Valentinovich, d.ph.-m.s.

  • Selezneva Irina Ivanovna, c.ph.-m.s.

  • Tsygankova Irina Glebovna, d.ph.-m.s.

  • Shljapnikova Elena Andreevna, c.ch.s.

  • Shnol Simon Eljevich, d.b.s., prof.


Tel. (495)632-78-69, (4967)73-06-19

Tel./fax: (495)632-78-69

Fax: (4967)33-05-53