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Russian Academy of Sciences

Types of some investigations methods, carried out by the CUC of ITEB RAS.

  1. Investigation of the materials influence on biological activity under conditions in vitro.
  2. Investigation of pharmacokinetics and immunogenics of preparations.
  3. Preclinical investigations of drugs. 
  4. Investigation of biocompatibility of materials for medical application in vitro and ex vivo.
  5. Investigation of biocompatibility of different types materials and products in vivo, including the evaluation of acute, subchronic and chronic toxicity, hemocompatibility, carcinogenicity, biostability, ability to calcinouses and other factors according to the rules of international standards of the ISO 10993 group.
  6. Testing of cytotoxicity of substances and biocompatibility of preparations in vitro. 
  7. NMR spectroscopy.
  8. Liquid chromatography of proteins.
  9. RT PCR-analysis (Realtime Polimerase chain reaction)
  10. Scanning electron microscopy
  11. Flow-type cytometry
  12. Spectrofluorimetry and spectroscopy
  13. Crioconservation of cells and tissues
  14. Confocal microscopy.
  15. Investigations of electrophysiological properties of cells by the patch-clamp method.
  16. Educational services.
  17. Services on carriing out of SIA (Scientific investigation activity). 
  18. Services on carriing out of applied works