Federal state budget institution of science
Russian Academy of Sciences

In the post-graduate department of ITEB RAS the training on educational programs to train the specialists of higer qualification in the following fields is being carried out:

1. 06.06.01. “Biological sciences”; specialities:
  • 03.01.01. Radiobiology 
  • 03.01.02. Biophysics
  • 03.01.03. Molecular biology
  • 03.01.04. Biochemistry 
  • 03.01.06. Biotechnology (bionanotechnology including)
  • 03.03.01. Physiology

2. 03.06.01. “Physics and astronomy”; speciality:
  • 03.01.02. Biophysics
For the post-graduates of ITEB RAS lectures and seminars by the leading scientists in the field of Biophysics and allied sciences are carried out, they master the up-to-date investigation methods on the unique equipment of 28 institute laboratories and the common use center. Our post-graduates demonstrate high achievements in the research, win All-Russian and regional competitions of younger scientists, as a reward receive scholarships of RF Government and grants of RF President.

The training term in the post-graduate department of ITEB RAS:  4 years, day-time study.

The enrolment into the post-graduate department of ITEB RAS takes place on the competitive basis, by the personal application from the persons having higher education not lower than master institution level, on the results of entry examinations and according to the budget positions. 

 The applicants have to pass personally the following entry examinations:
  • Special discipline, corresponding to the profile of the training field.
  • Foreign language
The entry examinations take place orally, in the Russian language.