Federal state budget institution of science
Russian Academy of Sciences

The list of services being provided by CUC (Common use center) of ITEB RAS. 

  1. Light and fluorescent microscopy of living objects during the period of long time.

    Light and fluorescent microscopy of different types objects including surviving slices and cellular cultures with the possibility to supply carbon dioxide or prepared gas mixtures to the object under investigation during the period of long time with photo- and video registration.

  2. Automatic multiparametric analisis of biologically – active substances.

    Carriing out of the automatic multiparametric analysis of pharmacological preparations and chemical compounds groups on the vitality of different cellular cultures during the period of long time with the continuous photo- and video registration.

  3. Liquid chromatography of proteins.

    Purification of proteins small quantities, being isolated from cultivated cells eukaryote, it is also used for the scaling of the purification process and the low scale production.  It makes possible to purify substances in the quantities from milligrams till tens of grams.

  4. Scanning electron microscopy

    Investigations of biological objects by means of the following included methods: scanning electron microscopy, electron-probe microanalysis.

  5. Centrifugation

    Separation into fractions and the further investigation of particles by means of the ultracentrifuge.

  6. Flow-type cytometry

    Recording of light dispersion and fluorescence signals from each cell in different media.

  7. RT PCR-analysis (Real time Polymerase chain reaction)

    Isolation of nucleic acids from different materials and carriing out of DNA fragments amplification by means of the PCR method in real time.

  8. Cryoconservation of cells and tissues

    Conservation of biological objects for a long time at the temperatures of -80 °С  and -196 °C.

  9. Spectrofluorimetry and spectroscopy
  10. Confocal microscopy

    The study of biological objects, mainly the fixed preparations of cells and tissues, by means of confocal microscope

  11. NMP-spectroscopy of proteins

    Obtaining of proteins spectra and their further interpreting by the method of nuclear magnetic resonance.