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Russian Academy of Sciences

Ivanitsky Genrikh Romanovich
Head of Laboratory
Ivanitsky Genrikh Romanovich
Corresponding member of RAS
(4967) 73-24-81
(4967) 73-95-40
Main directions
1. Investigation of the processes of self-organization of biosystems far from equilibrium. A comparative study of bioobjects of different nature is conducted: from plant cells and microorganisms to mammals, including humans. Different hierarchical levels are studied: from the molecular level to the whole organism. Based on the experimental data obtained, mathematical models are constructed. The working capacity of the models is verified experimentally.
2. Applied laboratory work is focused on solving important practical problems of modern biomedicine. In particular, development of thermal imaging matrix methods for image analysis of the body with the purpose of developing applied medical thermodynamics for the early detection of human diseases.

Mathematical and computer modeling, spectrophotometry, differential scanning calorimetry, electron microscopy and matrix infrared thermography (thermal imaging). Successful work at the Laboratory requires not only knowledge of the fundamentals of biophysics and biochemistry, but also basic training in the field of mathematical modeling of process kinetics.