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Russian Academy of Sciences

Maevskiy Evgeniy Iliyich
Head of Laboratory
Maevskiy Evgeniy Iliyich
d.m.s., prof.
(4967) 73-93-28
(4967) 73-93-54
Main directions
Research into the energetic processes associated with work of mitochondria and into the role of Krebs cycle metabolites as signal molecules in the regulation of physiological and pathological states. Study of the biological properties of perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions. A separate direction of works is research into the mechanisms of response reactions of biological systems to weak physical impacts: low temperature argon plasma, variable magnetic fields and low intensity light radiation.

Studies are carried out on various levels of biological organization — from molecules to organisms. Various biochemical methods are used: determination of enzyme activities, concentrations of intermediates, NMR and mass spectroscopies, an original cytobiochemical method for determination of dehydrogenase activities in immobilized blood cells. Molecular biological methods of studies are used: real time PCR, RNA interference, genetic manipulations with the genome.