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Russian Academy of Sciences

Fadeev Roman Sergeevich
Head of Laboratory
Fadeev Roman Sergeevich
(4967) 73-94-52
(4967) 73-93-57
(495) 623-74-67 (доб. 244)
Main directions
1. Research into the molecular mechanisms of permeability of mitochondrial pores and channels; development of methods of their selective regulation.
2. Research into the mechanisms of drug resis­tance of tumour cells determined by cell —cell interactions.
3. Development of new therapeutic strategies and pharmacological preparations of targeted action to increase the resistance of vital organs to damaging impacts.
4. Development of biomedical approaches to the patient-specific selection of drugs for the therapy of oncological diseases.

Mammalian cell and tissue cultures in vitro and ex vivo; biomimetic approaches to production of human organs and tissues in vitro; preparative and analytical biochemistry of cell organelles; immunohistochemistry and immno­cytochemistry; flow cytometry; methods of molecular biology and genetic engineering; spectrofluorimetric methods; multiparametric screening of the action of substances on cells in vitro and ex vivo; confocal microscopy; cryobanking of human cells and tissues.