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Russian Academy of Sciences

Kolombet Valeriy Aleksandrovich
Head of Laboratory
Kolombet Valeriy Aleksandrovich
(4967) 735630
(4967) 739262
(495) 623-74-67 (доб. 261)
Main directions
1. Research into thermosensitive hydrophobically modified polymers.
2. Development of algebraic methods of analysis of nonlinear differential equations describing processes of self-organization in biosystems.
3. Studies of the physico-chemical bases of gene expression, including the structure and dynamics of protein—DNA complexes and their interfaces.
4. Research into the role of S. Puetz’ pheno­menological law in biophysics.
5. Research into the genetic mechanisms of evolutionary changes in birds.
6. Research into the noise-like time series of fluctuations of the parameters of various processes by the method of local fractal analysis.
7. Research into the periods contained in time series of fluctuations of the parameters of physical and chemico-biological processes.
8. Development of an experimental technique for the determination of biologically active frequencies by intracavity laser polarimetry.

Algebraic methods of analysis of nonlinear differential equations, method of intracavity laser polarimetry, method of local fractal analysis of noise-like time series, physico-chemical methods of polymer studies.