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Russian Academy of Sciences

Bruskov Vadim Ivanovich
Head of Laboratory
Bruskov Vadim Ivanovich
d.ch.s., prof.
(4967) 73-94-97
(495) 623-74-67 (доб. 207)
Main directions
Research into the molecular mechanisms of the formation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species under the action of physical factors of the medium in aqueous solutions, studies of their signal regulatory and adaptogenic roles under the action of extreme factors of the medium on the animal organism. Research into the mechanisms of oxidative stress in the organism and into its consequences.
Research into the antioxidation, radioprotection and radiomitigation (protection) properties of natural compounds, into the role of the formation of 8-oxyguanine — a key biomarker of DNA damage by reactive oxygen species and protein species in oxidative stress. Studies of the properties and biological role of long-lived protein radicals induced by physical factors.
Development of methods for the neutralization of oxidative stress leading to remote pathological consequences in the animal organism.

Work of the Laboratory combines methods of studies in vitro (spectrophotometry, fluorometry, enhanced chemiluminescence, enzyme immuno­assay), in vivo (micronucleus test, protein oxidation and animal survivability) and other techniques.