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Russian Academy of Sciences

Mironova Galina Dmitrievna
Head of Laboratory
Mironova Galina Dmitrievna
d.b.s., prof., HSW of RF
(4967) 73-09-59
(4967) 73-92-65
(495) 623-74-67 (доб. 2-62)
Main directions
The main line of work of the Laboratory is the research into the structure and regulation mechanisms of the mitochondrial ATP-dependent potassium channel (mitoKATP) and fatty acid/calcium-induced pore, as well as the role of these transport systems in forming the mechanisms of adaptation of the organism to hypoxia. 
The structure and electrophysiological pro­perties of the mitoKATP are studied, as well as its functional relationships to intermediate filament proteins.

Isolation and purification of membrane channel proteins; incorporation of the proteins into the bilayer lipid membrane and determination of their electrophysiological characteristics; mitochondrial respiration; simultaneous registration of ion fluxes and membrane potential; immunoelectron microscopy; methods of research into the pro­perties of artificial membranes.