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Russian Academy of Sciences

Vikhlyantsev Ivan Milentievich
Head of Laboratory
Vikhlyantsev Ivan Milentievich
(4967) 73-93-34
(495) 623-74-67 (доб. 269)
Main directions
1. Research into the changes of the structure and functions of sarcomere cytoskeleton proteins in hibernation and under simulated and real microgravity.
2. Research into the role of the calpain and ubiquitin-proteasome systems in the development of negative changes in muscles of humans and animals during the development of myopathies.
3. Development of methods reducing or preventing the development of hypogravity muscle synd­rome, as well as of methods for diagnostics of pathological changes in muscles.
4. Research into the amyloid properties of sarcomere mus­cle proteins.

Electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, atomic force microscopy, X-ray diffraction, methods of spectral analysis, method of dynamic light scattering, methods of preparative biochemistry, chromatographic purification of proteins, SDS gel electrophoresis, casein zymography, Western blot analysis, enzyme immunoassay, real-time polymerase chain reaction.