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Russian Academy of Sciences

Beletsky Igor Petrovich
Head of Laboratory
Beletsky Igor Petrovich
d.b.s., prof.
(4967) 73-94-41
(4967) 73-94-47
(495) 623-74-67 (доб. 297)
Main directions
 1. Research into the molecular mechanisms of Fas-ligand-dependent reverse signalling (RAS Presidium Programme “Molecular and Cell Biology”). 
 2. Studies of the effect of low-intensity red and near-infrared radiations on the activation of natural defence reserves in mice and their offspring. 
 3. Investigation of the genetic instability in the offspring of mice irradiated with small doses of densely ionizing radiation in the presence of immunomodulators. A new approach to the assessment of the genetic consequences of chronic low-dose irradiations of animals and plants. 
 4. Effect of a new-generation synthetic antioxidant, glutapyrone, on the redox balance and remote cytogenetic effects of radiation and on the oncogenesis in mice. Studies of the biological efficiency of the proton accelerator for therapy of oncological diseases on mice in vivo.<br>
 5. Role of erythrocytes in the development of neurodegenerative diseases accompanied by hypoxia.<br>
 6. Cellular mechanisms of ammonia toxicity.<br>
 Enzyme immunoassay, hybridoma technology, methods of isolation and purification of immuno­globulins, electrophoretic methods, immunoblotting, mathematical modelling, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cloning, transfections, infections, cultivation of mammalian cells, production of recombinant proteins in E. coli, fabrication and use of biological chips.