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Russian Academy of Sciences

Akatov Vladimir Semionovich
Head of Laboratory
Akatov Vladimir Semionovich
d.ph.-m.s., prof.
(4967) 73-92-19
(4967) 73-92-52
Main directions
1. Research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of calcinosis; development of technologies for production of biomaterials with high regenerative potential for traumatology/orthopedics, dentofacial, cardiovascular and plastic surgery.
2. Research into the regulation of mitochondrial and cellular functions with participation of nucleotide-binding proteins of the outer membrane and intermembrane space of mito­chondria.
3. Development of biomimetics of tissues, organs and systems of organs in vitro.
4. Development of target substances selectively causing death of cancer cells.

Cultivation of cells, unique methods of perfusion/diffusion cultivation to create tissue-like models of organs and tissues in vitro; models of hetero- and orthotopic implantation of materials; methods of tissue engineering, biodegradable polymers; methods of preparative biochemistry and molecular biology; differential histological and immunohistological analyses and bioimaging; spectrofluorimetry; methods of multiparameter (high-throughput/high-content) analysis of the effect of substances and materials in vitro; vital and confocal microscopies.